Friday, July 3, 2009

Dance Fever

Shall we spend a minute talking about dancing? But of course. I just watched a video of a dance group in England called Flawless. Guess what?

They are flawless.

Matters not if you like to trip the light fantastic friends, these boys are incredible. If your soul has any rhythm, just take a peek. Believe me. Now let me get back to the floor. I am trying to determine how to mimic at least one of these moves. I may not have as much time to shake it, but when I do, watch out.

And since it is a holiday weekend, and you probably will have a sip or two extra, you might want to get your groove on too. Prepare to be enthralled.


Vodka Logic said...

Will we get a video of your attempt... I will pour a double and watch.

Sandy said...

Oh, how I wish I could dance. When I'm dancing alone I love it, and feel like I really HAVE the rhythm, lol, but when I see myself dancing it's just...sad. I love watching professional dancers.

R V said...

Flawless group is rhythm perfect and touch the soul.

pehpot said...

Oh I do love dancing but I don't have the talent..

these dancers are way beyond good.. indeed they are flawless!

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Admin X2 said...

I have not seen the Flawless! But can estimate that those guys are very good dancers.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I have been reading your blog non-stop. Dinner ideas, beer, the importance of hugs,and the story of Nixon (which made me laugh and almost start to bawl at the same time).

I will definitely be back!