Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today is a big day...hooray.

Initially, I started to type 'today is a big day for the Gays, hooray' but this day isn't only for the gays and the recognition of their rights to marry. This day is a monumental moment in history and it is a big day for everyone who loves equality, justice, opportunity and love. And it is for every person who has a gay sibling, child, friend or loved one.

I know many people who are celebrating today, in their communities and in their hearts. Well done, SCOTUS. I used to think all we need is love. Yes, but we also need the right to express that love openly and recognize it is about hearts, not parts.

I applaud this day for so many incredible people I know. And I will say, there will likely never be another day in history so many men will openly and honestly claim, "I cant wait to be a Groom!"