Sunday, August 23, 2009

You give blog a good name

Before I invited you here, I paid a visit to DustJacket Attic to borrow a glamorous frock.

Ta Da.
Why? Because I have been awarded and when receiving awards, and hosting the Awards after-party, one must have a fabulous red gown. And some cocktails.

Aren't Sundays always the day for Awards parties? Indeed.

Now that we are properly attired, and shall soon be hydrated, I want to give some blog thanks and gratitude. Awards shows are always long...take your patience pill.

I really appreciate every reader and every comment. I feel like I know you even though we have never met. At times, I relay stories about you, your blogs, or your comments to JohnnyMac like I am talking about friends I have known forever. You do give blog a good name.

I read a blog last week indicating that blog awards and memes are silly. And stupid. If you agree, check out now. Because I think any time someone acknowledges you or your blog, it is a testament to you, and your writing. I value this blogging circle being built and appreciate you for injecting it with so much positivity. And I absolutely love writing. My writing is finding a home.

I have been the honored recipient of some great awards. Before I turn into a pumpkin, I want to acknowledge them. Get a drink, we have some ground to cover.

Aubrey at Made You Blush was kind enough to give me another Honest Scrap Award. With this comes another ten things I have never told anyone.

Viv at The V Spot gave me this treasure. Your Blog is F*cking Fabulous. And she even used the PG version. Thank you Viv. With this comes 5 obsessions.

Thank you Sarah at The Fox Den and Little Ms Blogger and La La La Leah for another Lovely Blog award. And Leah, even when you already have one, getting another is actually a very great feeling so thank you! I appreciate SouthernChampagneWishes for the beautiful Splash Award. So pretty. The Splash Award is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring blogs. Thank you SCW!

And PJ from Seens from the Back of My Eyelids created an award for me. Shazam! Its awesome.
Big thanks to LadyTruth and GreenEyedMomster for the Super Comments Award. You are both fabulous.

Melissa B, The Scholastic Scribe, donned me with her award. And wonderful AmyK from Life's Not a Cruise sent the same award to me this week. Awesome!

Jen from JensRantings and Nancy from F8hasit gave me the Premium MeMe. Thank you both.This includes listing 7 of your personality traits. The Caped Tirader gave me a nod as well for the same list so I appreciate it (and welcome back from Ireland. Go look at his pics.)

EmFabulousFunshine tagged me in the "I've come to realize" meme which includes 36 things I have come to realize. Her list was fantastic.

The lovely Nora Johnson and Eve tagged me in two book memes. I love to read so thank you both.

Cherie at This Side of Town gave me a darling Cupcake Award. SO cute.

And big thanks to Rebecca Knight: Writer in Progress for the awesome Kreativ Blogger Award. This also includes 7 things about me you might not know.

And a curtsy and bow to Constructive Attitude at Symphonic Discord for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR awards: The Vespa Blog Friendship Award, the Love Ya Award, the Adorable Blog Award, and the Best Blogging Buddies Award. This is awesome!

Whew....please hold, I need a sip.

I am going to condense the information from all of these awards into ten very relevant things about me:

1. It is my dream to sing the National Anthem at a major sporting event.
2. I am intimidated by nothing. With the exception: I might take a bullet before handling snakes.
Want to hear some prissy screaming? Surprise with me a slitherer.
3. I am loyal to a point of fierceness. Think lion. Very close.
4. I met a famous man at a party. He was such a prick I acted like I had never heard of him. He could NOT believe I had not heard of him. Of course I had. However, NO ONE should say things like "You seriously have never heard of me?" At one point I asked if he was on Saved by the Bell. He was salty after that. Bye bye arsehole.
5. Feeling homesick at times isn't limited only to children.
6. I got in the middle of a dog fight once. Shudder. But one of the dogs was mine. I was terrified for her. Talk about adrenaline.
7. I once danced in a cage at a bar in Chicago.
8. I was invited to join Mensa.
9. Social injustice is intolerable to me. I want to save people from heartbreaking circumstances. And Life has dealt some people a hard hand. I have cried innumerable times due to what I have read in the news or in magazines of hurt and anguish caused by human cruelty.
10. I once smoked a cigar at a black tie function. I also took a nap shortly thereafter in the car because of it. Apparently I was quite unschooled in the toxicity and buzz load a cigar packs. WOW.

Moving on:

Big bravo to Supah D...she made a comment on my 6th month-half-Blog Bday giveaway the one entitled, I give good blog, that I should make it an award. Well. I did.

This awards bash is also the inaugural I give good blog party. Wear your tiaras with pride, dames and gent, you deserve it. Envelopes please.... the first recipients of the Let's have a cocktail I give good blog awards are:

Aubrey, Viv, Sarah, Little Ms., Leah, SouthernChampagne, LadyTruth, GreenEyed, Jen, Nancy, Caped Tirader, PJ, Melissa, Amy, EmFabulous, Rebecca, Constructive, and Supah D.

The rules: No one really likes rules, do they? I shall make mine simple. Make a cocktail, pick out some of your favorite bloggers. Send this award to 4 of them. Tell them why you think they give good blog. There are SO many fascinating, witty, and fantastic bloggers; let's invite them all to the party.

Or you can just put it on your mantle and watch it sparkle.

And if you think it sassy that I created my own Award, just consider it a grown up and virtual version of a friendship bracelet.

And, in the spirit of giving, I read through the past several days stockpile of comments. And laughed out loud many times. Again. And I elect to give the I give good blog award to a few other friends. Come join the dance party.
Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy
Tammy Howard
Blue Violet at Nut in a Nutshell
Emily at Powell Power
Mommy Mac at KMac Creations
JJ in LA
Intense Guy
Simply Mel
Sheila at Ma Vie Folle
Alicia at It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy
Jules at Mean Girl Garage
Lisa and Laura Write
Simone at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket
Lady Di and Amy at Daily Doses of Mama Drama
Something Happening Somewhere Turning
Kristina P at Pulsipher Predilections

Wow...that is a roll call. And since I took this list from recent comments, this by no means excludes a long list of other bloggers I find SuperFly TNT.

You all make me laugh. So often. From the comments, to your own blog fodder, you have style. You have verve. And your varying personalities remind me of some of the great people I have known throughout my life. Bravo to you.

And the beauty of creating an award? I can disperse on my own free will. After all, I hope I always give good blog too.

More awards to come. Cheers.


mo.stoneskin said...

I love awards, and when I was just getting into blogging getting them was absolutely fabulous, so affirming etc. Over time I found it harder to follow through with the rules, especially when I'm trying to stick to my rigid blogging routine etc, so I confess I've been a bit lax!

If you don't get the opportunity to sing a National Anthem, you could always just run onto the field, skip past a few security guards, grab the mic and let rip.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Gosh, there is a song parody on the fringes of my brain....I think the song was "She Gives Good Love"...yet I can't quite remember. Little Known Fact - I am the Queen Of Song Parodies. When I remember the original song, I will have to create a theme song for your award. Oh yes. Someday it will come.

Thank you for awarding me! I'm especially honored, considering the source.

Now, I'm off to pay it forward to 4 unsuspecting souls.....

And, for real now - today's word verification is "unwin". How weird is that????

Buckeroomama said...

Congrats on your awards... and congrats on writing such an interesting "award-receiving" and "award-giving" post instead of the usual thank-you-and-pass-it-on oness. :)

the walking man said...

1. It is my dream to sing the National Anthem at a major sporting event.

We're not anticipating Rosanne Barr here are we? I'd need a fifth (neat) not just a wee cocktail to get through that. But seeing as it's number 1 on your list JennyM I say tune up and go for it.

Interesting quiz here:

Simon Butler said...

I didn’t say that blog awards and memes are silly! I said that the means of extracting the information from the victims using torture were inhumane!

jules said...

That is a fantastic dress! Congrats on your award!

Anonymous said...

Look at you Hottie Mama! You're like "Titantic" at the Oscars!!!!! Raking in ALL the awards! AND you deserve every single one of them since you are BY far one of my favorite blogs to read EVER (must be since you could be a MENSA member yet know that celebrities can be pricks!)

And I am very, very humbled that you like me enough to continue to come back to the Garage (especially since you seem so classy and I wear jean shorts) AND that you gave me an award!!!! Thank you!!!!

Mommy Mac said...

I admire your confidence. It is really attractive. Not that I am of the "same team" persuasion, but I've never seen you in person, and I can already tell you...I bet your hot.

Thanks for this honor.

I, too, breathe deeper and clearer after a good work out on the keyboard.

I like my place in this blog world. Regardless if I have 5 or 500 readers.

"Were you in Saved By The Bell"?:


My best friend lives in Nashville and has a similiar experience with a well known country singer who was trying earnestly to pick her up.

She chose to roll like you did in this situation.

He kept following her around and asking her, "You're diggin me right? Your diggin me, aren't you?"

Fast forward years.

He put out a song entitled: "Cause the Chicks Dig It."

And my go getter girl went to a CD signing. When it was her turn. She asked if over and over while he was signing her CD, "You're diggin me, right?"

He totally fell all over himself embarassed. He remembered her.

Then that sweet girl, just turned and walked off.

Confidence meets arrogance.

Cofidence: W
Arrogance: L

.mac :)

p.s. Now that I have written today's post in your comments, you think I could just copy/paste into my blog?!

Thank you, Jenny Mac.

Inna said...

I love me a good party! Thanks for having me :)

Its been a great sunday morning.

I once tried to smoke a cigar but I got very confused about the inhaling versus non inhaling and almost choked.

Shop Girl* said...

Oooh congratulations on all your awards!! I wish I had known to wear a pretty dress... *sigh*

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh well done JM, that was epic! You do deserve all those awards cause your blog is Fabulous! Good on you and congratulations to all the recipents.


Lookin' hot in the red dress :o

debra@dustjacket said...

recipients ... hmmmm

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the awards and for making Sunday funny and interesting in the blog world.

Vodka Logic said...

Congratulations on all your fab awards, you deserve every one. And thank you for bestowing me on your first occasion of giving your own award. I will wear with pride.

"Where you on Saved by the Bell" had me laughing til I cried..what a classic. Would love to know who the actor is/was. Must remember that if I ever meet one.

Thanks again L. x

Vodka Logic said...

PS. Next time how about a little warning, I showed up in my scrubs right from


Mr. Condescending said...

Whoah this feels like the academy awards or something!

Congratulations to all the winners.

Oh and what if you could only sing the national anthem if you had a big tame boa constrictor wrapped around your neck?

And WHO is this famous loser.

Scrappy Girl said...

Wow...congrats on all the awards...I am not surprised have a great blog. Loved the list of things about ya...hmmm...I am dying to know who the secret "celebrity" was.

Farnnay said...

You forgot the four awards I gave you :(

But you are awesome and congrats and i cant wait till you write a book because i know you will one day and you will rock!

Anonymous said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE! It seems that awards and memes have faded in popularity in the last year (which, in Internet years, is like 10 years), but you are right - they are a great way to honor and show respect for the writing of others and to learn more about the person writing the blog you are reading. Congratulations!

janis said...

I am sooooooo glad to have found your Blog! (Blog Jumping). You are fabulous! What fun!
I have been blogging for a while. I have a little blog with few followers. Never an award :( but I would feel so honored. Maybe someday.
Thank you for the smiles. I look forward to following you.
Stop by Just Breathe Janis sometime and let me know what you think.
TaTa! Thanks for the cocktail :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Your own award? That is some serious stuff..awesome. I must say, it also has much better graphics than some of them out there! Way to go!

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

I am so HONORED that you took my idea, that I took from your idea and suggested to you as an idea.. that you make an award out of that idea... WHAT A GREAT IDEA! AND THEN YOU SHARED IT WITH ME! I am so geeked . IT . IS. SICK.

1. saved by the bell- I pissed myself and even shared with my blog illiterate husband. THAT'S some real applause there when that happens.

2. I learned that cigars have a BUZZ FACTOR? ?? I conferred with my hubby ( again) .. and he concurred.. and then promptly went back to snoring and ignoring me . But not before saying this: YES ... BUT ONLY IF YOU INHALE.. and you're not supposed to inhale.

I said. I think she figured it out.

SO thank you.. for sharing, for making me pee and for an educational mini lesson on cigars.

PUHLEASE tell me who saved by the bell dude was, please pass off your awards dress to me now that you are done.. and consider this idea.. for your 12month full year bloggin party award.

You give Blog a good name.

Who thought that sweety up??? Me? Why yes.. but only after I saw you type it.. and then had an idea.. off of your idea.. and then had an idea to pass my idea based on your idea.. back to you. :)

Here's to 6 months+


The Savage said...

I'd just like to thank my brother because without finding his blog I would probably have never blogged in the first place. I also have to thank my concussion for the rewiring of my conscious thought, the box for allowing me to think outside of it and all my fellow bloggers for stroking my ego. To my ex's and all the morons I use as blog-fodder I say keep the blogginess rolling....

Thank you JennyMac for coming back, time and time again.

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Congrats! You really deserve all the bling!

Unknown said...

Way to represent! I agree ... love your BLOG!

A New England Girl said...

Well, that was much better than some of the award shows I have watched on sundays! :) Loved getting to know the 10 things about you... they're great! I understand #3 very well. I have often been called choice words because of it, but who cares? Loyalty is top of my list.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Chief said...

I just pooed in my pants! Thanks JennyMac!

I think I need a cocktail!

Meg said...

Aw shucks! Barely got a sip of coffee in me and I'm already craving a cocktail. Thanks JennyMac! I adore your witty style and commend you for delivering 100% feisty yet finessed fodder for me to laugh my bum off to EVERY day. Oh, and I think this award is h-o-t! Well done - you deserve every award out there - and thank you!

Chief said...

I almost forgot to comment on something, I would love to know who the prick was and MENSA? Very impressive.

Shorty said...

As usual, I love your post. And I find that you are totally deserving of all of those awards. I love how you addressed all of them and acknowledged those who passed them on to you.

I must say I am most excited and envious to know that you were invited to join Mensa! I'm one of those who will always remain on the outside of that circle, but love what I've learned about the inside. Kudos to you, my friend!

And I think the biggest treat of all that I received from your post today is getting to see all of those other blog names/titles that are so freakin' entertaining! I can't wait to click on them and see what I've been missing. Thanks for sharing so much!

Melissa B. said...

Thanks, my dear, for thinking of me. I might want to make one of those Watermelon Bloody Marys before I bestow my bling on others!

Keith said...

Congrats. You deserve any awards you win. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

Char said...

congrats - that's quite the award show indeed!

Ali said...

Visiting from SITS and wow that's a lot of awards--congratulations!

Lee said...

My dogs are in the middle of a dog fight right now, but I must comment here before jumping in to save the day....does that make me a bad person?? Congrats, those awards are WELL Deserved. I love to read your blog every day, you make me laugh and think, and it is a refreshing change to the everyday posts of what the kids are doing and eating! Your writing has inspired me to try to write more than what the kids are doing and eating everyday. Have a great day!

Hit 40 said...

I love your new award!! It ranks right up their with your blog is fucking fabulous. I will pass it along to share the love.

Let us know if you decide to cage dance again.

Unknown said...

You write the best posts - as someone else said, that is most likely the best awards post I have are GOOD!

I am a fairly new reader of your blog but absolutely love it....I love "laugh out loud funny" and you absolutely define that - why don't you have a column.....or maybe you do?!! I still giggle at the "beaver" stories - the jogging one was my favourite" and I thought of the special "Hi Friends" driving greeting just yesterday whilst I was being "challenged" on the roads of central London :)

Thank you so very much for my award - I am extremely flattered - your blog is inspirational and I really thank you for thinking of me.

Everyone should read your blog.....the world would be a happier and much funnier place....thank you Jenny Mac!

PS Love the award design - I finally feel like one of the cool girls LOL!!

Unknown said...

PS I am not even going to tell you how long I laughed at the "Were you on "Saved by the Bell" comment?".....priceless!!

Anonymous said...

I give good blog.

That is freaking genius! You seriously made me spit my water.

Lauren From Texas said...

SJP is SO fab... love her! I also love your blog :) Thanks for stopping by mine... I'll look forward to reading more.


f8hasit said...

YOU just made my day!

I can wait to spread the word that I GIVE GOOD BLOG!
Can I hear a WooHoo!
(WooHoo - hand bump)

Thanks Doll!

Jessica Nelson said...

Wow, congrats on ALL those awards! That's awesome. :-)
YOur number 4 completely cracked me up. Go you!

KatBouska said...

I'm not even going to think about how much time this must have taken you to put together. The reason I don't address blog awards on my blog is not because I don't love them, I DO...t's because I feel like so many people get left out and I don't want to hurt feelings. You did an awesome job of spreading the love to SO many!! Bravo!!

Thank you for the award and I love your list of relevant things about you. I think we may have been sisters in a past life. Just sayin.

brokenteepee said...

Well congratulations to you and the other winners. I will just have to chew my cud, have a good burp and ruminate for the rest of the day.

It's good being a goat.

AmyK said...

I am honored to be on the list of your newly created award. Someone got the first Academy Award, the first Nobel Peace Prize and now we have the first "You Give Good Blog" award.

I love your # 4. It is something I would love to do! I love you got the opportunity to say it.

I look forward to picking out my attire and making my cocktail for my pass it forward party.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on all your awards.
I love the way you passed them on! Brillant.
Cheers to you:)

La La La Leah said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON I WON I WON!!!! I ran downstairs and told my husband... this is what he said..... "What??? Can you get me a garbage bag." Granted he was trying to make coffee and holding a soggy coffee grind full filter.. So I got him a garbage bag and retold him he was happy!!! Also my Thursday rant on Man vs. Wild is better then my Friday hodge podge of crap.

Dear Sweet JennyMac you have made my eyes fill with tears of joy. I will blog about this Tomorrow since its a rule of mine not to blog on the weekends but hell rules are meant to be broken!!!


lisa and laura said...

Whoo hoo! Thanks for the award. I love that we give good blog, I mean that's way better than giving good...oh, er, never mind.

Can't wait to check out the other winners!

Kristina P. said...

Thank you so much for the award! I've really been enjoying your blog.

And I loved your story of meeting the famous man at the party.

Lady Di said...

Thanks for the warning Jenny Mac! I was WAY under dressed for this fantabulous event. However, being in my most worn out jammies and sporting some major bed head wont prevent me from accepting your most awesome award. So, kiss, kiss on the cheek and thank you very much. Nice dress by the way. Red is definitely your color. Hmm, it's not too early for a celebratory cocktail is it??

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Thank you! I am honored to be in the first rounds of recipients. Love the graphic.
Congrats on your many, many, many awards and your ability to adapt all of the requirements into one list. (Love #4!)
Kudos also on the 500 links you had to embed in this post. I hope you really did grab a cocktail after this.

B.o.B. said...

All possible award speech cliches. Ready? Go!

I'd like to thank all the little people who made this possible. You like me! You really like me! One love. This is all possible through the One above. Thanks to my wife/husband who is of constant support. I'd like to thank my agent. I'd like to thank the writers for bringing this story to life. The producers who helped get this on the big screen. And thanks to all my fans! I'd be nowhere without you!

(Did I get em all?)

Seriously though - Thanks Lady!!!!

Pseudo said...

Congrats on the awards, well deserved.

And #4 cracked me up to no end.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

And when your glorious day comes to sing the national anthem, I hope you glam it up in that red dress sans a baseball cap!

Big thanks for the blog award, I think this might be my favorite yet - giving good blog is a skill I must continue to hone!

Unknown said...

You're making up awards...i'm making up words. SUPER-FREAKIN-FANTABULOUS!!! Thank you for bestowing such an award upon me. I will proudly unleash it on my blog :) Darling that dress...OH stole the show.
Such wonderful things about yourself to share. You truely have a ♥ of gold. Lions to the claws come out and i become protective too. Grrrrr!!!
THANK YOU...thank you...THANK YOU again. I'm bowing and my cheeks are bright red. I get a little nervous on stage, so back to my domain i go. Muaaaaaw.

Rita Templeton said...

Eeeeeeee! Thank you to a ridiculous degree! I LOVE awards - I'm kind of a whore that way.

I'm totally going to "Single White Female" your idea on this and do a special award-ceremony post once I get a few more under my bloggy belt. In the meantime, though, I will be posting it with pride - and I'm talking all-out, flamboyant, flag-waving pride - in my awards section. :)

Thanks again! You've made my entire weekend!!!

Amy said...

Darn it - I am way underdressed! In my jammies sippin my cup o' tea. Thanks so much. Lady di and I feel honored to be awarded by you.

Congrats on all the awards - we knew you were awesome.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

holy CRAP that's a lot O awards! A u totally deserve them! you hav such a whitty &nd fun blog! LOVE reading! CONGRATS

Emily said...

Congrats and thanks!
I'm going to have to wait a few days though before I made a cocktail and toasts myself and fellow bloggers...I had enough cocktails last night to last through next Tuesday. Yikes. Good times, though, good times!

La Belle Mere said...

Wow - how many awards???!!!!! You deserve them all though!!! Your blog never, ever disappoints.


LBM Xxxxxxxxxx

Eve said...

I think any time someone acknowledges you or your blog, it is a testament to you, and your writing. I value this blogging circle being built and appreciate you for injecting it with so much positivity. And I absolutely love writing. My writing is finding a home.

Aman, Aman, Aman! I love that you made your own award and I love how stylish it looks. Congrats on your many a many awards and I am sure there will be more to come.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

What a pleasant surprise to be recognized for an award over here at Lets have a Cocktail. Thank you so much. And congrats on your awards!
I absolutely detest any snob who says, "You seriously have never heard of me?" What arrogance. I will have to remember this 'Saved by the Bell' comment and file it away for later use. Well done.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I'm doing to know who was the famous prick at the party!

Emma x said...

Your blog is fantastic. I love blog awards, it helps to know people enjoy what you're writing. x

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Congrats! Love the party prick story. Were you on Saved by the Bell?! I nearly spit on my computer--very funny no matter who it is.

Angie said...

Yay! You deserve all the awards you received! Email me your snail-mail address to participate in my 'pay it forward' post! I have some fun things for you.

Intense Guy said...

I showered, I put on my only polka-dotted clip on bowtie and a clean sleeveless undershirt and the all-cotton SpongeBob SquarePants Boxer shorts (don't worry, its a tasteful print) and rushed over to see the award ceremony.

JennyMac? In all seriousness I'm both flattered and honored. :)

Considering this award came from someone such as you - sassy, brilliant, witty, smart, charming, and an absolute master of words - I'm truly touched. Many thank ya, thank yas, thank ya verry muches.

Intense Guy said...

P.s., I bet you would even sound good singing the National Anthem - you'd even know the words.

P.s.s., Did you take on those Mensa folks?

sheila said...

Sh-weeet! Awesome! lol. Thanks for the compliment, I accept *raises drink*

Brandy said...

Fabulous frock indeed. You look ravishing in red!

Congrats on all the award love!

Stephanie Faris said...

YAY. Thank you so much! I will work on my next acceptance blog. I had a hard time coming up with SEVEN interesting things about me. I guess I don't find myself interesting.

Liz Mays said...

You definitely give good blog! Thank you for this fabulous award. I am so touched to be included. :)

Grand Pooba said...

Geez woman! You just got me drunk as hell going through all those awards! Of course you deserve every one of them. And what an honor to be included! Can't wait to get that award over at my site! Thank you so much and I enjoy your comments and blog, love when I meet a talented blogger!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Wow! Congratulations! You deserve all of those awards and more!

I am very honored and I will work on the post right now! Your blog has quickly become on of my favorites! You ROCK!

Cheers and hugs!!

Just Add Walter said...

holy cow... congrats on all the awards!!!

love the new award name... too cute!!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Wow! That's a lot of bloggy love you got there! Congratulations!

And thanks for including lil' (well, not so lil') ol' me!!! If I'd had a little more prep time, I would've put on my little (well, not so little) black dress.

Tune in on Wednesday...

Rosamaria said...

Thanks for your visit,Jenny, I enjoy it.

Have a nice week!

mommakin said...

Aw, I'm at a (rare) loss for words! Thanks for including me as an inaugural recipient!

drollgirl said...

congrats on the awards! you deserve ALL of them, REPEATEDLY!!!

and with regards to your list above, number 4 is my favorite. that is something i would do. or have done. :)

i need to come here more often, but time is so pressed. ack. please forgive my sparse and sporadic attendance, and i will try to do better. :)

Theta Mom said...

New to your blog! Found you from Blue Violet. What an amazing place you have here!

Congrats on all of your give good blog is classic! I am your most recent follower. ;)

Claudya Martinez said...

Congrats on all the bloggy love you have been getting. Yor writing is appreciated because it is great.

Unknown said...

I've spoken to crowds in the thousands, but singing to even five people would terrify me. So you can sing all the national anthems you want - I hereby donate my turn.

cherie said...

you forgot the award i gave you yesterday - the Cupcake award! boo-hoo!!! hahaha - check out your older post...

Elizabeth Marie said...

HOLY CRAP that is a lot of awards and you deserve them all!

DANCED IN A CAGE AT A BAR?! Well I officially have a blog crush. That is awesome.

Lola said...

Congrats on all the awards and tag! In a recent post, I passed on to you the same tag. Always good to learn more about fellow bloggers!


Lisa said...

So many awards, but you totally deserve them! Your blog is amazing! Hope you had a lovely weekend! :)

ladytruth said...

Thank you for the award, thank you so much :) Getting an award from a skilled writer as yourself is a great honour. I will be spreading the love soon :)

Alyson said...

Great award, Jenny. And you can't go wrong with a hot red dress! ;)

Yankee Girl said...

Congrats on all of the awards!

I really like blog awards. It's always nice to know your peers appreciate what we right and think it is worth something.

And memes are just fun to do and read, so why would people think they are stupid????

I love your blog and always look forward to the morning so I can read your latest post!

Chic Mama said...

Wow! Congratulations on all your awards. Well deserved.

foxy said...

Well-deserved awards indeed! And thanks for the awesome award you made... i love it the best of ALL the awards i've EVER seen! I will wear my tiara proudly... :)

Kathy B! said...

What a fabulous award!

And rules that encourage the consumption of adult beverages?! After my kayaking weekend that is exactly what I need :)

ThatsBaloney said...

Ok, come on. Who was it?

Unknown said...

I think I read the same thing as you about blog awards...dude is a buzzkill.
I have not been as lucky as you to get so many awards from readers but I have gotten a couple and I keep those close to my heart like clothes fresh from the dryer...or a beautifully stiff drink.
Keep up the good work!

Sassy Chica said...

Congrats on your awards....I think your blog is FABULOUS!!!

Sassy Chica

p.s-I am also turned off by arrogant celebs and once told my mom's high school crush who was in a band that I thought he was an a d'bag mom cried! I laughed and my dad always use to tell the story!!

Anonymous said...

You can't NOT say who the asshole celeb is. I'm dying over here.

PinkBow said...

wow, congratulations! that's quite a list!

Dazediva said...

Hey Jenna

Came across your blog from WSG at Joys of My Splintered Life in Small Town who has dropped me your 'I give good blog' award ...

Do drop by my site as I've linked your blog on there in the text (can't use that links to this post feature !)

Glad to have found your blog - uber cool :)

Lisa Anne said...

Thank you for the AWARD. I totally saw this and thought it was an amazing idea. My posts for the next 5 days are written, I'll try to squeeze this one in this week with a double post.

I love your blog, otherwise I'll post on in next MONDAY!! for sure!

I know i'm a nerd I write all my posts 5 days in advance so they automatically post, otherwise my blog would be blank.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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