Friday, November 6, 2009

This speech is my recital

Actually, this poem is my recital. After my tiny tenure at Cambridge I did some traveling throughout Europe. Incredible doesn't begin to explain it. This is something different than I usually post, but I wrote this upon returning to the States.


I walk through flowered courtyards of
Dancing shadows of prior love

who hand in hand beneath stained glass
caressed on beds of gentle grass

This fortress quiet, so divine
stood strong and solid over time

to all of those preceding me
who came to live, to love, to dream

and promenade in stone hallways
and languish in the sun-filled days

all along the river clear
I can almost see them standing here

with peace so deep and hope so wide
in this English countryside

I cross the river's Bridge of Sighs
memories do cloud my eyes

all my recent yesterdays
keep me in a daydreams haze

I've touched paupers, princes, kings
dreamed alive a thousand things

my soul, she does feel wonderful
for what's become a ritual

on rooftop watched as punters crept
passion shared while Cambridge slept

hearts ignited and burned for sure
as pipers played in Edinburgh

sunlight streams on meadows full
while pale eyes did search my soul

toward the sky a hopeful call
that goodbye would never come at all

where baths were swirling, steaming, wet
on lips the softest kisses set

sultry nights, peppered black
with moonlight pouring down my back

I danced in Barcelona's streets
laid where sand and ocean meets

serenaded as a stranger sings
inspired by what morning brings

catch the glances, stroll along
cathedral plays her mid-day song

Climb to top of spiral stairs
a balcony is hidden there

I admire the cities graceful frame
he looks at me and says the same

stolen moments in fountain's park
gorgeous gardens still and dark

where new lovers come to meet
wrapped in Verona's midnight heat

longing looks that seem to beckon
last a lifetime, gone in seconds

fantasies becoming real
all around the Glockenspiel

Oh to live in perfect ease
magic blows in German breeze

on castle terrace, through the gate
two hearts hold their breath and wait

when tomorrow wakes to shine
they'll sail down the winding Rhine

to a farewell when they reach the shore
for fate has not allowed them more

walk the path the Seine does run
poetic words roll of the tongue

under Trocadero's looming grace
Romance built herself a place

seems long ago, a few months time
etched forever in the mind

to where clocktower stands guardian
bliss does both begin and end

delicious secrets no one knows
as the circle is slowly coming closed

filled with angels and sinners both
giving peace and forcing growth

oh to live these days again
with perfect moments hidden in

wishes could not have better planned
young woman held in Europe's hand.



The Savage said...

A lovely poem as beautiful as it's poet.... Well done, Jenny Mac, well done.

Anonymous said...

I am going to tour Europe one day, it will be amazing see things thousands of years old.

the walking man said...

Not being of the romantic sort.
I am a ship, never having left port.

I would say by this account that you had a fine time in Europe then?

Candice said...

wow, that was beutiful.

Lee said...

Beautiful Poem!

Christina Lee said...

Lovely! I used to write tons of poems--you may have just inspired me to pull some of my poems out!

Unknown said...

I love how free you are..just dancing and swirling through space and childlike


and you nailed it by using Glockenspiel :)

Peace ~ Rene

Liza said...

You made me want to get on a plane.

Joshua said...

Very nice. Makes me want to go back to Europe. Maybe when the kids are older...and I can leave them with someone for a whole week.


JenJen said...

Good for you for trying something new...I did that today, too.

I was so not trying to rhyme.

I like your poem JennyMac.

Buckeroomama said...

Love it! You brought me back to those carefree travel days in Europe... before kids *sigh*

Tom Paulin said...

Rhyming couplets? Can't go wrong.
This reminds me of Patience Strong.

Deboshree said...

This is very different compared to what you write normally!

Beautiful.I'm amazed! You write so well!


Sincerely Iowa said...

I gave you an award over at my blog today! Congratulations!

Badass Geek said...

Incredible, JennyMac.

Sultan said...

This is nice. Graceful.

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Beautifully written.

Menopausal New Mom said...

That is so beautiful, makes me want to pack my bags and head to airport!

Unknown said...

I posted a poem on my blog yesterday, too---but yours is far better. Totally different subject matter, obviously, but still.

I love your couplets. And your imagery is divine. This was a pleasure to read!

Corrie Howe said...

Having been to those places, I feel you did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty in your words.

Kimi said...

That is a great poem. I always wanted to write poetry but I just don't have the grace for it. Very well done.

The Four Week Vegan said...

Makes me want to go to Europe now. What a special way to remember your time there.

Tami G said...

I wanna go :)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful tribute to your time in Europe. Makes me want to go!

MommyLisa said...

Indeed, Too Many Hats, indeed.

Midtown Girl said...

Jenny this is so lovely. I will remember this on my future trip to London/Paris ;-)


Heather@WHMB said...

So romantic, love it. It's nice to stop and reflect on such awesome memories.

Nonflammable said...

I hope that everyone would have a chance to visit and travel Europe, at least once.

The bridges, castles, architecture, museums, unchanged landscape and your poem capture the essence of European history implicitly.

McVal said...

Wow! That took me to another place... The signs of good poem or story!

Barbaloot said...

I'm so impressed with people that have poetic minds. Thanks for sharing.

Kristina P. said...

You are immensley talented!

mommakin said...

Absolutely lovely. I felt like I was there. And young.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Simply beautiful... you should post your poetry more often. I loved it!

carissajaded said...

So beautiful! Makes me nostalgic for a place I've never even been!

Slamdunk said...

Impressive. Makes me wish my travel outside the US consisted of more than Montreal.

Elyse said...

Very beautiful! You are so talented, JennyMac!!!

Emily said...

Beautiful. I had no idea you had so many talents and skills....

Tracie said...

Just lovely! You have a gift.

Pseudo said...

Lovely and poignant, I like your sharing this side of you.

linlah said...

Makes me want to buy a ticket to Europe.

Carma Sez said...

Wow, the softer side of JennyMac - plus I love that you used the word Glockenspiel

Rowe said...

The Bridge of Sighs - I do love seeing history that is still standing, it is a gorgeous structure. Your wonderful poem took me on an adventure.

Claudya Martinez said...

Lovely, like you.

Jen said...

That was fantastic! thank you for pulling it out of the archives!

~ Jen

lisa and laura said...

Oh my goodness, I love this. Especially since our WIP is all about a girl who runs away to backpack through Europe.

The imPerfect Housewife said...

WOW - that was fabulous! Seriously, that was so well written, you should go to Cambridge. Oh wait... ha ha Good job, J.M.!! ♥

Mike said...

Very cool! Europe was fun!? Or it sounded that way, anyway.

Luna said...

what a nice poem. thanks for sharing.

strokeofliving said...

I always admire folks who write poetry. I don't have a talent for it but YOU DO so kudos! said...

Absolutely lovely. You've captured the feeling and retold it beautifully.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Just Beautiful! i hope to visit some day, when the kids run away or I do which ever one happens first!

Liz Mays said...

What a lovely trip through Europe. I so enjoyed how you ended it.

Lawyer Mom said...

This is exceptional. Truly exceptional. My favorite line: "longing looks that seem to beckon last a lifetime, gone in seconds"

obladi oblada said...

Beautiful! I loved that you put Edinburgh in of my favorite places.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Very well written...very well painted! :)

Unknown said...

Ah, this reminds me that I had to leave someone very special in Europe when I moved back home. I need to return to him as soon as I can.

debra@dustjacket said...

Gosh, I could have been there. Loved that JM!

LadyFi said...

Lovely poem - you've really captured Cambridge (my old university) as well as Barcelona.

Great magical memories!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You have a great way with words. This is fabulous!
Thank you.

Stu Pidasso said...

As I read over the first sixty comments I got overwhelming impression that

1) everyone liked it

2) everyone thinks you are quite talented

3) everyone is jonesing a trip to Europe now!

I, however, am left wondering if you made the tour alone (or with a man) and if people see bauty in the settings the are privaleged to see or are some places really THAT much more beautiful than others.

Either way I must agree with the masses here.....lovely writing!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Fabulous! Everyone should go at least once, and you've made me want to drop everything and pack my bags to go again!

Eve said...

Really beautiful. And brave. I darent post any of my poetry.

Oh, to conjure those memories...

Leah Rubin said...

Wow-- glad I'm catching up on some of my favorite blogs tonight.

This is totally extraordinary-- and I rarely use that word. You expressed so much, and with beauty and grace. I love this-- I'm so glad you shared it.

No Longer 25 said...

This is wonderful, glad you managed to get to Edinburgh, it's really a beautiful city. We are so lucky in the UK to be so near so many amazing and different places, just an hour or two on a plane and we can be in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland etc it's so easy to travel here and I love hearing all the other languages.

Thank you for sharing your poem - please don't hesitate to share your poetry with us again.

Anonymous said...

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