Monday, June 15, 2009


We have a neighbor, and his nickname is Pigpen. Why? Oh, so many reasons. Pigpen lives alone and produces more bags of trash in one week than we do in a month including the fact we are changing diapers throughout the day. Every day. How do I know? Because Pigpen thinks his front doorway is a Trophy Case for Glad Bags.
This is what I saw after being out of town this weekend. And it reminded of me the hundreds of bags of trash lining the streets of New York at night. JohnnyMac said these bags sat here for three entire days. Eww.

One day while washing my car, Pigpen pulled his 2008 Caddy into his garage. He opened the car door and threw about 5 pounds of garbage onto his garage floor. Said hello to me and went inside. Eww.

Pigpen also has a dog. His dog does not go outside. Where might his doggie go potty you might curiosly ask? In Pigpen's backyard. How do I know? We have been to the house next door a hundred times. Pigpen's backyard is a composter's dream. Eww.

One day Pigpen had his front door open when I pulled up with friends. He better have some serious rappelling gear in order to climb over the piles of trash littering his entire hall. No wonder that dog doesnt go outside. He little legs aren't strong enough to navigate all the debris. I am sure the army of bugs that certainly reside there too love it but I don't. Please keep your moutain of trash bags inside or better yet, in the dumpster which is the perfect storage place for such items. Eww.

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Vodka Logic said...

I used to have neighbors like this as well. They had their own personal a neighborhood. We tried everything to get them to clean up. They were finally evicted for non payment of taxes..karma.

good luck.