Friday, June 19, 2009

The Chuck Taylor UnFan Club

This is from a fashion editorial I saw recently. Besides the very West Side Story choreography which doesn't seem very Vogue to me, I didnt know fashion might include skipping of any sort. That being said, I do love the Marc Jacobs sweater and Gucci jacket but as my eyes scrolled I was stopped by what I assert are the ugliest shoes on earth: Chuck Taylor's.

Now, I fully support creative artistry but, really?

Also known as the Converse All Star, they became known as "Chuck's" when basketball great Chuck Taylor named them his shoe of preference. And yes, I know this shoe is arguably the most notable athletic shoe of all time, the precursor to the Air Jordan, and yes I already know it is also the most successful shoe in history.

You know what else it is? U-G-L-Y. And it ain't go no alibi.

I have seen this shoe on everyone from scientists to five year olds. A friend of mine, and former fashion model, swore by them. I have also spied them on characters on Grey's Anatomy.

Why? Because of the hundreds of thousands of shoes out there, this one got the Pity Award? Can't you just wear a flip flop when in doubt? If flip flops are not an option, I promise you I would rather see the garden clog.

I had to give the Chandler Bing (the heave ho given from one person to another often for very flimsy excuse) to a guy in college who showed up at my door in navy blue Chuck Taylors. Ugh. Because I am shallow? No. Because we all have preferences. And I would rather ride to dinner on a donkey's back then date someone who thinks Chuck Taylor's are a grown up shoe.

And yes, I am sure if I saw yours, I would change my mind. Mmm hmmmm.

And for the record, regarding the photo shoot above: Someone actually suggested there was no better acoutrement to Gucci than a canvas tennis shoes? Excellent!

Be right back, I want to see if my thirteen year old cousin has a hoodie I can wear with my Ferragamos.

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