Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Brits are randy.....

Recently reading John Kessler's food blog, I came across this sassy tidbit from Pophangover.

This week, in the United Kingdom, the ladies (and certainly some gents) are having an early summer pleasure fest like I have not witnessed before.

1000 British women were paneled by Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies as to the celebrity male they would most like to devour.

After trouncing Jude Law and Hugh Grant, the newest 007, Daniel Craig was the selection du jour. A truly blinding testament to his prowess (and the "pash" the UK has for Daniel Craig).

So delicious frozen treats bearing the resemblance to 007's emergence from the ocean in Casino Royale will be available in the UK this week and this week only.

This chiseled torso of a popsicle is available in cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate, and they boast being a mere 100 calories each. That is a lot of 007 for very little caloric splurge.

This is in celebration of National Ice Cream week which started on Monday in the UK. You sassy Brits, who knew?

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Margaret said...

Very Yummy.
I'll have to see if my family in London can procure some and freeze it until my next visit!