Tuesday, June 23, 2009

JA of the Day: volume iii

Oh Jenisia William, to pronounce you a jackass does not even begin to cover it. But for the sake of not starting my day with a profanity laced diatribe, JA, while lacking, will have to be adequate. Everyone reading this will know that for today's purpose "JA" actually means something much, much more abominable.

50 minutes south of Atlanta is the city of Barnesville. Barnesville is where Jenisia Williams hopped in her car and drove to her local Walmart for a shopping excursion yesterday. Handbag in hand, because no one would forget their handbag in the car while shopping, she headed into the store for at least twenty minutes.

Do you know what Jenisia did leave in the car? You would never guess because not one single sane, careful, or adequate person would leave this, but go ahead, guess....

Her lip balm? No. Her check card? Wrong again. Her four month old twins? See, I knew you would never guess but in order to be correct, this is the answer you would need to supply.

Thankfully, the infants were not harmed. Surprisingly, considering the internal temperature of the car was 90+ degrees. Jenisia, is this your first day in Georgia? It is clearly not your first day being a completely inhumane person. It is the summertime here in Georgia. You can't leave a bottle of water in your car without concern for it melting.
You make me sad. Because everyone knows, including the Clayton County Police Department, that you did not forget your twin infants in your car. You left them there. Alone and crying furiously. But thankfully their little lungs had so much muscle in them because this is how another shopper was alerted to your crime.

And this shopper waited by the car for a few minutes prior to calling 911 because she clearly believed no one would ever, ever leave their children in a vehicle while shopping at Walmart. Had you been inside a hospital receiving a kidney transplant, you still can not leave your newborns in a vehicle alone. How can you not know this?

Police arrested and charged her with two counts of child cruelty. This seems paltry and insufficient to me.

When she did return to her car, she was shocked and outraged asking "WHERE ARE MY BABIES?!?!?!"

Jenisia. Stop that. Do not display shock and awe that your children were taken away. You have a driver's license, yes? You drove there, yes? My assertion is that anyone who can pass a driver's license exam has the modicum of common sense needed to know that leaving babies in a car, alone, is a very very very very bad idea.

The infants were taken to a local hospital as a precaution, then released to their father while you remain in jail. Let's hope he does not endorse or support your child-rearing techniques. Enjoy jail. I hope you get an extended stay.

Therefore, you are the JA (expletive, expletive, expletive) of the Day.

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