Thursday, April 30, 2009

Teacher Unappreciation

In the type of story you can not believe even when reading, the school systems are just chock full of news. CNN ran a feature of the following:

Apple Valley Elementary has in their employ a kindergarten teacher named Mrs. Graham. Mrs. Graham, apparently fed up with young kids having "accidents" decides that April 22 is simply the last straw. Believing a 5 year old decided to potty on the floor, she picked up the damage, wrapped it in a paper towel, and put it in his backpack. Then sent him tottering on home.

How very Joan Crawford of you, Mrs. Graham.

She also called the child's mother. After indicating she believed her class was "stinky" and pinpointing her son as the source, she asked the mother's opinion if her son was the culprit.

Aren't you in the classroom Mrs. Graham? Did you see the boy have an accident or not? Can the mom tell by telepathy? If you didn't actually see it, are there no other 5 years olds capable of having accidents? Potty training aside, they aren't camels. And I am sure no 5 year old is delighted to have an accident on the floor. Obviously, something is amiss.

And did you actually pick up some #2 and package it up like a birthday surprise? With a note that read only "I found this turd in my classroom."

Please, never pick up #2 and put it in some one's backpack, Mrs. Graham. Let alone a backpack belonging to a FIVE YEAR OLD. And if you simply must Mrs. Graham, please call it something other than "turd." Ugh. I have to wash my hands just writing that word.

The West Valley Superintendent said the district's Human Resources Department spoke with the teacher, Mrs. Graham, as well as the Apple Valley principal.

Other than asking, "Are you out of your !)(&)*#&#&&!&!!!!! mind, Mrs. Graham?" I can't imagine how that conversation began. Or that too much comfortable or polite chit chat ensued.

Teachers have advanced degrees and certification do they not? Does the State of Florida Board of Education need to include a section on the exam entitled Disgusting and abhorrent behavior of which teachers should not engage? Perhaps there were existing alternatives Mrs. Graham.

I hope you are fired Mrs. Graham because it probably should have occurred to you that a parent, unloading a back pack filled with feces was going to warrant a few phone calls in your direction.

And hopefully you will have that same backpack and contents waiting on your doorstep on Teacher Appreciation Day. Of course, you won't be a teacher by then.


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Wow, that Mrs. Graham sounds like she needs to retire, and maybe lie on a beach somewhere all by her lonesome for the rest of her days, lest someone bother her and end up getting smeared with her poop.

the girl on the street. said...

oy vey. what is this world coming to?? how absurd. i'd say that teacher is just about the same age as the little boy. ha.