Monday, April 6, 2009

If you like pina coladas

My favorite line of that song is actually "come with me and escape" not just because its the best line but because it has been a long long time since I even had a pina colada, and I'm going to pass on getting busy in any dunes in the Cape. Come with me and escape, well, that line conjures up pretty thoughts and great memories of vacations gone by.

Oh, the art of vacation.

This picture is taken from our shoreline patio in Anguilla. I had never been to Anguilla but leave it to JohnnyMac to show me the ways of the world. Early in our courtship, JohnnyMac wanted to go on vacation together. Vacation? I am in. The year prior to meeting him I took eight weeks of vacation. Oh....times were different then. He said he wanted to go to St. Maarten, where he has a rental. Great. What will we do I ask. "Nothing," he replied with a look of delight. And for the most part, he meant it. His dream vacation involves beach time, pool time, nap time, light lunch time while enjoying pool time, sipping on beverage time, dinner time, and more sipping on beverage time. No sights to see, no hustle, no shopping. This does sound like a great vacation. For part of the time.

At that time, I was a New Year's in NYC, weekends in Chicago, Mardi Gras, Bastille Day in France, World Cup finals in Prague type of vacationer. I have been to Hawaii but spent less than 50% of my time on the beach. I wanted to drive a jeep up a mountain, dive into seven pools, swim under waterfalls. The beach? Well, who doesn't love the beach but there must be things to do.

Vacations are interesting because the word means something different to everyone. Think about your favorite vacation. What components give it the sacred status as "Best"? Sometimes its location, parties involved, or uniqueness of experience. Or maybe a combination of all of those elements.

And when JohnnyMac told me we did not even need to take our cell phones because there is no international service, I think I got agida on the spot. I took a deep breath and pondered, do I tell him now or let him discover in time I might actually lack the chemical make up for sitting on a beach for seven days with no tasks at hand except eating, drinking, and reading. For our impending "relaxing" vacation, I did gently broach the subject that I might need a little more to do. JohnnyMac laughed and said there would be plenty to do.

As it turned out, there was plenty to do. Plenty that involved eating, drinking, and reading. And plenty of activities that included lounging, relaxing, and resting. We did zip over to St. Bart's one day and did some great shopping but a miracle of all things occurred. I actually enjoyed it. The art of vacation...who knew? JohnnyMac's preference is to be on vacation and have zero cell phone service and no one needing to call or be called. I can't say I am ready to cut that cord yet but after several days in Anguilla, I barely wanted to traipse down the beach to the incredible restaurant on property. Since we had already been to NYC together, I realized quickly that NYC and all its glorious chaos was not exactly JohnnyMac's dream vacation but ahh, compromise. It applies to vacations too. And since these locations are so different, you can't really compare NYC to Anguilla, but if you did, sorry NYC.

And our next round of vacations grew to take on a pattern. Weekends in busy cities, weeks in sandy beach areas. And now, many many vacations together later, I look forward to the low key wind down time. Maybe I just didn't need it before the same way I need it now. We are going back to Cabo in May and I can hardly do nothing. Although last time I was there, there may have been an incident involving dancing on a catwalk while the house band played "You Really Got Me". When one hears one of their favorite songs, what is one to do but get up on a catwalk and dance?

Cabo is a fantastic trip. This is the view from the restaurant at Esperanza in Cabo. The picture alone invokes deep, peaceful breathing.

But I am also planning a girls weekend in NYC so I haven't completely lost the edge. And with my recent post on Weekend Wanderlust in NYC with all of Jamie's great suggestions, how can I not.

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