Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A contest no one should win

This morning, my stomach churned when I accidentally ran over a little animal that had already been hit in the road. I would gladly revisit that scene again in lieu of opening a weekly rag in Atlanta called 'Creative Loafing' and having my eyes fall prey to this photo.

After calming my gag reflex, I simply had to know what in the world this photo reflected. And let me just note, bless it if you have great confidence. I love people who work with what their momma gave them. However, this photo has just too much pale skin and derrieres for an unsuspecting girl who is just trying to drink her herbal tea and catch up on some local news.

Recently, Altanta was home to a convention called Frolicon. And these unabashed women were contestants in the "Most Spankable Arse" contest.

And no, I wouldn't make this up because if I would make this up, I certainly would include a better photo. And according to the paper, this photo captures the contestants "warming up". And by all means, you probably would need to warm up as you pursue first place in this crowning ceremony.

And Frolicon is apparently billed as a SciFi convention. Because nothing pays tribute to Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock better than a palm to the ass.

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