Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh my...

There is a quote by Robert F. Kennedy that begins "Some men see things as they are and ask why...."

I think you see some things as they are and ask why alright, as in why in the #(*&^(@ would you do that? And since, in this circumstance, I fail to produce a sound reason on my own accord, perhaps you have some insight to share....

Next time I think I have produced a less than stellar idea, I will simply look at this photo and think WHAT A GENIUS I am. Why? Because virtually any idea I concoct will go on a roster of greatness compared to the person who thought it wise to dip their animal in a vat of chemical coloring in order to create this work of "art".

The Vineyard Poodle? You are kidding me? Outre canine culture is an understatement. I now see that there is a contest for hideousness.

For fun, I tried to imagine the persona of an owner that would get this light bulb above the head. Would we have a lot to talk about over cocktails? Maybe not. Not only did you get the idea to do this, but were also steadfast enough that no sensible person could talk discourage you? Where was anyone with common sense? Did friends offer to hold the pooch so someone could use their shears with delicate precision to make the fur into tufts resembling grapes? What rotten friends you have.

I hope this poor puppy dog lifts a leg on all of your heirlooms.

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