Tuesday, April 2, 2013

People are awesome....

It is a beautiful day in Atlanta. I got to spend 25 minutes of this hectic day doing something free of concalls, meetings, reporting, assessing reporting, or negotiating terms.  Instead, I was reading to MiniMac's class. Last week at a party for one of the kids in his class, another Mom told me her son came home and said, "Mrs. Mac is the best Guest Reader." She told her son kiddingly, "I am a great Guest Reader too." Her son replied, "Not as good as MiniMac's Mom."

I will take that crown and wear it proudly. I think I have it in the bag because I do so many voices which is the key to being a great Guest Reader. As I left them today, I said, "Congratulations on being the worlds's best kindergarteners. Its a hard job, but you kids are awesome." I was then swarmed in the best way as 22 tiny people embraced me in a hug. That is SOME hug.

I often find humor in the levels of idiocy we see on a daily basis but I am always more inclined to seek and applaud the awesome moments. A simultaneous hug from 22 kiddos who think you are the best Guest Reader completely qualifies.

I checked my email and my Father sent me this link. Because it was one of the rare emails my Father sent sans politics, I opened it. I am glad I did. The title reiterates the sentiment I had just felt earlier today: People are awesome.

Have an awesome day. 


brokenteepee said...

That was something! I see a lot of practice, skill, talent and a frightening amount of trust.

The Savage said...

Firstly let me say that you are made of awesome for taking time to not only just read to the kiddos but that you make it super fun. If your weren't an attorney you'd be an awesome teacher.
Videos like this always impress me not so much for the magnificent feats of dexterity and physical form but because these are a bunch of people (in the main) who went and tried it at home when we all know that you shouldn't try it at home.

Unknown said...

Congrats on being the best guest reader!! And that video was amazing!