Monday, April 22, 2013

Because I want the country to have a better week (and proof that one minute can make a difference.)

This week was so tumultuous in the news. It is becoming more frequent that we pause from one tragedy because a new tragedy has developed. I think Elvis Costello had it right, 'What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?' I won't chime in on Boston other than my heart and prayers go out to everyone impacted. I will say I should recognize that every day, anything can happen to change the course of life. I made the most of it this weekend with my husband and son. And I actually sat in the sun, with my eyes closed momentarily, drinking a great beverage, listening to one of my favorite live musicians, at one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta (The Optimist). 

I was not in a hurry to finish this, check that email, listen to that voicemail, think of my many to do's, plan dinner, plan the next morning. I simply sat and thought, we have a lot to be thankful for. I saw a post recently that said, "What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you thanked God for today?" I am quite diligent on the daily to express my gratitude and thanks for many, many things. My child, my spouse, safety, physical ability, freedom, family, friends and free will at the top. If I woke up tomorrow with only things I am thankful for today I would totally throw in: Kitchen Aid mixer, dance music, food processor, running shoes, iPhone (I heart Siri!), Vosges chocolate bars and Mad Men FOR SURE.

I hope the week is more peaceful. I cant no more easily explain to our 6 year old what transpired in Boston than my explanation to him recently why he can not actually jump off our third floor overlook into the second floor living room like Superman. ( PS: You want to basically hand your child a giant platter of defeat, confusion and Sorry when I told you could do anything you wanted if you put your mind to it go ahead and tell him he can't actually fly and that Superman is fiction.)

I heard an incredible story in the midst of last week's chaos and that will be a blog post later this week. I saw this clip earlier today and one minute really can make a positive difference. A 7 year old boy in Nebraska named Jack Hoffman is battling brain cancer and this moment surely made him forget all about his battle.The video was a little persnickety this am so click here for full article.

Have a better week.


brokenteepee said...

I saw that on TV and thought it was just amazing.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Now, I'm crying at work, but at least they're happy tears. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Dear JennyMac, I loved the "feel" of this post, and I laughed out loud at the little 7 year old being enabled to make a touch down. Yes, this week has been a trial: Boston, home, neighbourhood, church....people are hurting everywhere I turn right now. I hold on to the promise of "the best is yet to come."

the walking man said...

Jenny --- how about the world, the entirety of humanity getting a break. That's all I ever pray for is one day with no murder in Detroit and expand out from there that life for 24 hours just stop trying to cure violence with violence. But not just America because we are as guilty as anyone else, the entire globe full of people for one day turn their weapons into flower pots or something.