Monday, May 9, 2011

Mamma Mia

I hope everyone who celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, or celebrated a special person in their life who influenced them in a motherly way, had a beautiful day doing so. We had a great weekend and thought so much about the evolution of us. Not just the basic of being born, growing up, living and dying. But the evolution of how we go from being carried everywhere, to chasing after our Moms, to running away from them at some point. They are our favorite person. Then our least favorite person as we grow and stretch out to fill ourselves. We need the  guidance, and then we don't want the guidance like a pendulum.

As I see our son grow, I feel that same evolution. For so long I am his favorite person. Then one day with no precaution, I am not. Or he needs me for everything, until he doesn't and simply says, " I can do it by myself." We want that but seem a bit ill-prepared when it actually happens. I want to ebb and flow with him. But be a leader, set good examples. And not wince when he doesn't want to know what I think. Be someone he can respect. And trust. And one day he may look at us and think, he does want to be just like us. And when he doesn't want to be just like us, be ok with that too. What I hope we avoid is raising our biggest critic. We all go through our own evolution in which we traverse the distance between baby and adult by needing no one more than our parent or guide so feeling so wise and established we need no one less. MiniMac told me the other night, " I do not have to do what you tell me to do." My response, "That is HILARIOUS. And incorrect." It is merely a test of his own ability to stretch. And at least for now we can absorb those comments with humor and redirect. But the biggest thing I have learned from becoming a Mom is wow, we are always learning. A woman I really respect told me yesterday that I am one of the best Moms she knows. It made my heart sing a bit. While it may not be accurate, it is the job at which I strive to be the best. And while it is the hardest job I will ever have, it certainly is the best.

I hope everyone of our Mother's or grandmothers or guides feels the very same way when they think about us. We might not be perfect. We have certainly hurt their feelings, been disrespectful on occasion, and in some cases been disappointing because we were selfish, or bratty because we felt they didn't understand us at all. Or perhaps understood us too well. We have all said an ugly thing stemmed from frustration. We didn't mean it but the sting still comes. Or we have sometimes scared them when we were reckless with ourselves. Or with their love. But I hope those moments are the minority. And the rest are filled with all the ways we made them glad our lives connected the way they did, and brought value, and laughter and moments that no two other people could possibly create.

And tonight, while I am feeling happy of heart. And poetic in my mind, I will also add that it is pretty bad ass when your husband and son bring this home for Mother's Day: The Macs have gone Mac!

I feel like I have turned a significant high-tech corner. MiniMac (and his Daddy) certainly know how to hook a girl up. The Macs have gone Mac! I have much  to learn as a long-term PC user but I am thrilled about it! Any tips you have, share them.

Have a fabulous  Monday.


Chain Stitch Crochet said...

How awesome of the Mac men to woo their Mac girl. :o)

My daughter brought me to tears yesterday when she told me that she was so happy that I was the one to bring her up instead of her real mother who would have drove her crazy. Comments like that make it sooooo worth all of the negatives of a relationship of mother/child.

Gypsea Nurse said...

Damn~ I need a husband that bad ass!

Kristina P. said...

Best Mother's Day gift ever! Seems like they are keepers.

brokenteepee said...

I can't help you with the computer.
I'm glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day

Simply Suthern said...

Looks like you had a really nice MacMothers Day!!

Anonymous said...

MACS are great! I use both PCs and MACS and MACS are simple creatures....

Maria said...

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day...Good luck with the Mac. They frighten me a little.

Possum said...

Ironically I am also a Mac and celebrated that fact by only using Mac cosmetics. My brother of course only has Mac 'toys' so I used to joke and call him the fruit of the family...used he has managed to convert us all! At family reunions it's a bit of an orchard! Windows for mac is great as is the nifty litte mouse charger. Must say I do prefer MS Excel to Numbers but LOVE the fact that you can write and publish a book in no time at all. Enjoy!!

Jody said...

Awesome gift!

I hope you don't mind, but I referenced you on my Mother's Day post :)


Kir said...

oh JennyMac, you rock. This was a gorgeous post about how to be a mom, how to move past the mistakes, take all the good of how you were raised and pour all that love, life and humor into our kiddos.


and yea for your hubby, the MAC, all the wonderful stuff going on in your house. So glad that Mini Mac gives you so much to be HAPPY about. xo

Happy Mother's Day my friend

Intense Guy said...

Hope you enjoyed your Mother's day - it's richly deserved.