Friday, May 29, 2009

Beware of El Pollo

While reading news online as I take a breather from the sun and infinity pool here in Cabo, I was just contemplating what could possibly increase my interest in the sport of wrestling. The answer of course is nothing. WWF, WWE, TNA, ECW? More acronyms then your first day of orientation at Microsoft. Wrestling has hoardes of fans, which I gleefully count myself out.

But if I was going to make an exciting change, well that would be a tough task to identify. I mean, you already have the barbaric and fear-inducing names. You have the ruthless (and completely authentic) wrestling holds, attacks, and legal moves. You have the Vegas showgirls carrying large signs indicating which round it is, in the event you are completely incapable of counting any of your primary numbers on your own accord. You also have the radio-station-ready announcer.
I just couldn't pin it down. And then it hit me. You would only need to add some freaky (and freaking ridiculous) costumes and you have the total experience.

The flying fowl? Oh, that is Lucha Vavoom star Lil Chicken as he delivers a flying kick to one of Los Cavaleras' "luchadores," (Mexican wrestlers) during a performance at the Mayan Theater in LA for Cinco de Mayo.

I imagine the only thing hotter than a grown man in bright yellow feathers, bright yellow undies, and a chicken mask would be if that man was your man.

Lucha Vavoom is Mexican wrestling and vintage burlesque inspired from the cine luchadore from Mexican cinema in the 1960s. So you better believe I am on the lookout while we are in the patria. But don't worry, I won't be bringing one of those home with me.

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