Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You say it's your birthday....

Oh, birthdays. Why are they so equally loved and hated? Why do some people relish and plan? Others ignore and reject? Maybe its relative to age. Ask a woman over 40 her age and you get " A little over 30". Ask a two year old, and they scream it from roof. Or, they sing it. All day.

Today I'm two. I'm two. I'm twoooooooo.
Woooooo Hoooooo

I am a birthday fanatic. How you view birthdays is all based on the blueprint from your family. In our house? The day might have a special breakfast including colored sugar (my mom literally put food coloring in the sugar and had it in a bowl on the breakfast table.) Special dinner where we picked the menu was automatic. We got to make big plans, and as we got older, it only got better. I swear my mom would have had the high school marching band playing a wake up song if she could have got a bus to bring them all to our house at 6 am. I grew up in a house where your birthday was a personal holiday. And I loved it.

Our munchkin turned two last month. I am ready to carry all that tradition forward. Listen, he is two. I am not bringing in balloon animal making clowns and a petting zoo. No need for a grown man stuffed into a Buzz Lightyear costume (yet). I worked with a woman once who spent a thousand dollars on her child's FIRST BIRTHDAY. Parameters.....aren't they the key to parenting?

While I knew better than to go over the top, I was looking forward to making it fun for him. So I bought a few hats. Maybe a "Hooray for Me" Elmo button for him to wear. As I am hand-making dozens of Elmo faced cupcakes with stabilized whipped cream frosting for his party, my husband gently reminds me that he will never know the difference between store bought and homemade at this age. OH, the blasphemy! I will know. And believe me, I loved every minute of the Elmo cupcake making process. However, because I am new parent, what I did NOT know is at age two, very little care is given to the actual cupcake. Primary focus? Frosting. So a plate of frosting? Well, that would be a pot of gold. Our little man actually ate some of the cupcake, and every day for a week after would ask me morning and night, "Elmo cupcake Mommy?" He would then add "Its delicious!" Awwwww, flattery will get you everywhere son.

The first summer I moved to Atlanta, I thought what better way to meet more people than to throw a party, and what better event than my birthday. So, what began as a tradition that only ceased last year, I threw a bash each year to celebrate. The celebration is very little about me and more to do with having so many great people in one place at the same time. I tried to make them different every year and when I look at those pictures, I smile.

Some of my best work? Years ago I decided to hire a DJ and have a pool party. The menu was great to which I included ten GALLONS of homemade sangria. (Red AND white. Yum. I called it Sangria Cha Cha Cha (should have called it LIQUID SIN.)

And somehow it was decided to also make 200 jello shots. Such a lascivious idea was not my own but placed upon me by my rowdy neighbors to whom jello shots were as common and routine, as oh, I don't know, let's say showering. And was I schooled in the prep and execution of said jelloshots like I had not been schooled before. Each one in a two ounce cup with a snap lid. This means that each jello shot had close to an ounce of vodka. But why do math poolside on a hot summer day?

The math might have been important because as I wheeled the jello shots around the pool disbursing them to guests, I of course, had to partake. Nothing says "CLASS ACT" like distributing and consuming jello shots in your bikini. But word to fools: Do not take endless jello shots at pool party! Do not take pictures of consumption of endless jello shots at pool party! It was an 80s music remix jello shot consumption festival. And yes, I did need a bit of an afternoon catnap. Being escorted indoors by the elbow as I became perilously close to no longer being precious in public? NOT my best work.

And I had one of the best suprise parties back in the day thanks to my two best girlfriends and my mom and step-dad. I could not believe they got it over on me, and I thank them for doing it!

PS: My best gal T. told all of our friends not to call me the entire day for fear someone would ruin all of their hard work. Can you imagine your mood when not a ring telephone to be heard? Sour, believe it. I was a pain in the arse all the while they snickered behind my back. Good for them. The suspense was worth it.

I have great memories of other people's birthdays too. You know, the other Birthday Revelers like the look on my mom's face at her surpise 60th. Perfect for a Priceless commercial.

But since its not only about me, I am a Birthday Recognizer. If I know its your birthday, even if we have not seen each other since sophomore year, you will get a note from me. Some people fuss, I say, you are are best work so far. Celebrate. I hope everyone has at least one amazing birthday memory. And I hope my son has at least one every year.

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