Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shake it Baby

Shall we talk about a great discovery I made as a Mommy? Oh come on.

It is called Baby Loves Disco and I hope it is coming soon to a theater near you. I heard about it when our munchkin was just a little bitty, but had not gone until last Saturday. BLD is held in Atlanta about four times a year. Geared for kids 7 months to 7 years, it is a mini disco ball swirling party with bubbles coming from the ceiling, egg shakers, and a great local radio personality as DJ.

Our little man just turned two and since I have suffered through multiple weekends at Monkey Joe's (more on that later), I thought this could not be any worse. We arrived about ten minutes before the doors opened and I thought maybe I took a wrong turn and ended up at the "Stand in line to meet Coldplay" party. There were hoards of parents waiting for the doors to open and now I know what the hype is about...

BLD is a great event. Super-organized, roomy, and safe (parent and little one wear matching numbered bands) I was so pleased we made the plunge. The location in Atlanta has a front room for the dancers, a side lounge for hanging out, and a back room with pillows, toys, books, and face painting. Every bar area was stocked with fruits, veggies, organic chips and cookies and plenty of healthy options. The kids were into it as my tiny man went straight for the DJ and the bag of egg shakers. And he danced his little booty off. We got home in time for him to take a three hour nap so BLD pays dividends for the little ones and for Mommy and Daddy. in numerous metropolitan areas.

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