Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dance Party USA

Oh, the self-created theme party. And what a party it is. Do you know this Dance Party of which I speak? I hope you do.

It started in college, my superfun roommate Susie (the blond bombshell also known as Sue Suave) and I would be getting ready for dates, and decided as part of our pre-party, that loud blasting 80s music could only help the situation. That turned into racing into the living room that separated our bedrooms, and you have got to love belting it out together. One song turned into five and it became a ritual. Then by the end of summer, it had turned from "dance party" to "DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!". Never whispered, always shouted. We missed a party one night because we, and many of our friends, were literally bogged down by the DP. I took DP with me to every future dwelling too. I remember being back in town after graduating and supposedly maturing. A group of us met up at a girlfriends house and spent hours having dance party, with the piece de resistance, being our sing-at-top-of-lungs version of Salt N Pepa's None of Your Business. So loud in fact, we embarrassed ourselves, when our friend's parents had to come down to the basement and tell us to stop.

I had a Main Gay in college and he and I loved up on some Dance Party too. We would also practice our high kicks. Let me tell you, nothing motivates you more than watching a 6 ft + man swing it like a Rockette. Dance Party was freeing, and liberating. And I loved every second of it.

Before we got married, JM and I were talking about dancing. JM knows nothing of DP. He told me he "wasnt much of a dancer". Anyone can enjoy the DP and I proved it to him one night after I was nearly overserved martinis. I think he was a fan.

Fast forward to a night past October. I had just executed my biggest fundraiser of the year for work and thought it was a success. Since I dont nip at the whisky at work events, I was ready to rock it when that night was over. Both brothers in town, we invited friends over and I introduced the DP. We were like teen agers singing. I shouted across the room to JM, "Why dont we do this more often????" He shouted back over the din, "Because we have a two year old!".

Enjoy it when you can. It will make you feel like a million bucks.

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