Monday, August 29, 2011

Good morning America, how are you?

WOW....I knew another girl named Irene and she was mean too. So glad to hear many of our friends in the NE are ok but hope you have your mops out. And I can't imagine my home being destroyed so my heart goes out to those most negatively impacted.

I am flying to Philly today. Or I am going to the airport with all intentions and hopes to fly to Philly today. My new job is going well and guess what? I wanted something new? Exciting? Busy? Check. Check. And check. I will be traveling for approximately the next 2.5 weeks. MiniMac is going to be very sad. JMac is likely kicking his heels that he will have peace, quiet and the remote to hog entirely to himself (let's not kid. I don't even get to touch the remote. From now until SuperBowl when there is so much pre-season football analysis on? All I can say is thankfully, I don't watch much television. And double thank you that MasterChef and Next Foodnetwork Star have already wrapped.

Enjoy your week. I will be back before the week is over but comments are off today.