Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guitar Heeeero

I refrained from giving Guitar Hero a second look when I learned there were no Prince, Tom Petty, Van Halen, Prince, or Prince songs included. But oh, my mistake.

Guitar new crush. Who knew it was not merely adored by teen agers? Who knew how addictive it would be? My first GH romp took place this summer thanks to my older brother who is 1. a musician and 2. a Guitar Hero pro. Under his generous purchase, we brought GH home as my bday gift. Unschooled and unwise, I promptly hopped on and prepared to rip riffs strong enough to take on Slash, Eddie Vedder, and Tommy Lee.

After receiving the explanation about all the beginning levels and layers, I whole-heartedly attacked Hearts "Barracuda" complete with side-to-side dancing AND full on sing a long. I begin to hear a sharp noise early on in my rock ascent to which my sibling mentor said, "Stop jumping around". I tried to be the calm and cool guitar star but the rhythm is going to get you.

Well, well, well, I didnt realize the wicked game would actually BOO you OFF STAGE for being a catastrophe. This happened about 20 times in the first day much to the delight of my audience. Oh, but once I learned...I was fully on my way, increasing point value and improving my image when I was struck and bewildered by a Guitar Face Off which only produced more BOOS and more scorching loud noises on my instrument.

While telling the story to one of my neighbors, he let me know his twelve year old brother could give me some pointers. I would prevail though and happily pass through the beginner stage complete with numerous songs I have never even heard before ( and I think I am musically versatile and savvy) to only discover that EVERY level contains the same songs. Thankfully my husband surprised me with the Aerosmith version so I could take a much needed break from another necessary repeat of an archaic Social Distortion song. I still have much to learn, and shamelessly solicit big brother's help when he is in town to plow through some of those pesky songs. Just what I needed, something else to fill 5 minutes of free time per day!

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