Thursday, January 29, 2009

Small Ode to the N

Lets discuss why Nordstrom is superior above many absolutely wont beat the customer service.

I took a lovely pair of Stuart Weitzman heels in when one inadvertently snapped off. (While I was holding martini and going down a stair case mind you). I bought the shoes years ago but they look in new and fabulous condition. The women that assisted me in shoes told me they would have it shipped out, fixed, and I would not even have to venture into the store as they would MAIL my shoes back to me. I love that I dont even have to make the 15 minute drive. This is why I adore you Gleaming Shoppers Paradise.

One time I went into Nordstrom with a broken watch, purchased from the very counter I stood before. This particular gal, not schooled in all the rules and regulations of Nordstrom Policy O' Customer Satisfaction, did not have her happy face on . Who can say I would be on top of the Nordstrom game on day one either. I was, of course, assuming it was her first day if not first minute of work. I am confident the customer service manual involves hefty binding and 100+ power point slides. However, this woman told me she could not fix the watch or replace it but I was welcome to send it to Kenneth Cole directly. Mind you, I have the receipt and box in hand. I believe I stood there baffled and perplexed for at least three solid minutes. She wrapped it up with "I apologize ma'am." Now, lets be clear, sometimes "ma'am" is a pleasantry, but in above average retail stores, I dont believe it is.

Well, I was "sorry ma'am" too and lovingly asked to speak to her manager who came out and resolved my problem in less than three minutes which included a shiny new watch on my wrist. I love their commitment to excellence! No "ma'am" about it. I do know their service is above and beyond. One little bad apple cant possibly spoil the glamourous bunch.

I tried to return a brand new unworn pair of heels from Nine West to another store FOUR MILES from store of purchase and was told no. I had actually called store of purchase and asked if it was ok, which I was assured, it was. When I arrived at store of return, and relayed my conversation, the woman helping me replied "Oh, I am sure they did." Take shoes back please, take shoes back please I thought to myself because I felt a touch of impatience coming on. No need for me to remind anyone of the heirarchy of the situation: I am the paying customer. You, Miss Sassy, in your red velour Juicy Couture running suit, are not actually the paying customer.

Finally, problem resolved and while I adore Nine West and its many fabulous shoes (and stores, especially in San Fran), I havent stepped a toe back in their Atlanta stores since then and its been two years. Long live the Nordstrom credo to customers, and since our two year old needs shoes...what better place to start.

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Kitty Moore said...

I usually start quoting statutes at unhelpful shop the befuddled look on their faces!