Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This little light of mine

I read a question recently I found quite compelling:

If you woke up tomorrow with only what you were thankful for today, what would your life look like? 

As we wrap up the year, I am thankful for many things. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of this year happened during this month of December with our son. He is lucky. He is surrounded by love, opportunity, options. We also strive to surround him with leadership, discipline, choices, creativity and the ability to use his voice and weigh in on some decisions. 

Every year since he was two, we do some kind of service project. They grow every year and because he is 6 now, this year could introduce a broader level of interactive service projects. We want him to understand how fortunate he is and the importance of giving back, doing something, having empathy and being involved. He embraced it quite well this year. Believe me, at age 2 it was a little more of a struggle. 

Me: Hey, lets buy a bunch of toys and give them away to kids in need.
Him: Lets buy toys and keep them. 

As he has gotten older, I have added one or two additional projects. This year he helped me make the list and we are two away from full completion (which we will do today.) In all of the activities, he took a big role in communicating the message of sharing with others. My absolute favorite part is the day he took his acoustic guitar in to a Senior Center/ Assisted Living Facility. He played rock and roll acoustic versions of Christmas songs to a crowd of seniors. He was happy, they were happy and we were tremendously happy.

Who can predict what our son will remember from his childhood when he is an adult. Maybe it will be his teams, his trips or birthday parties with friends. I do hope it will include my awesome ability to make pancakes into numerous different shapes and faces. More importantly, hopefully he remembers all of these actions and activities he did every year to reiterate the importance of giving. We look forward to a new list next year and hopefully it becomes instilled in his own pace and plan on how to build his life. For that, I will be truly thankful too. 

Happiest of New Years to you all. 


A few pics from our Kindness Projects:



mary i said...

I read this as last reading of 2013 on the 'net. I am a follower of yours. This question truly gave me pause. I attempt to put out there my grateful-ness for each and everything that I am blessed with with everyday. My list can fall short. I am going to write it down on my morning corner space. Your son is going to be a wonderful human being because of his parents. Happy New Year from Alabama. THANK YOU for New Year Wisdom...

the walking man said...

"If you woke up tomorrow with only what you were thankful for today, what would your life look like?" Pretty blighted actually but then this is Detroit, a never ending source of bemusement.

Minimac must be one great baker by now and man it looks like he's got Elvis all over that pelvis. You have much to be thankful for in KNOWING to teach your child empathy and generosity of time.

Be Well JennyMac.

Slamdunk said...

Go MiniMac and spreading the love. What fun pics at the center.

In response to your question, it certainly makes me think about removing negativity that had recently crept into my thoughts. Definitely have some work to do.

injaynesworld said...

YOU are an awesome parent! On behalf of society as a whole, I thank you!

Happy New Year, Jenny!

Anonymous said...

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*uncorked said...

He is 6 now?!!! Oh my, I've been away way too long.