Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sportsmanship: A refresher for some grumpy old men.

Recently, we took MiniMac to a kiddos birthday party. Bowling galore for the 6 and 7 year olds. The Party Girl has a little 3 year old brother who happened to roll a strike. The look on his face was awesome and we all cheered enthusiastically. Well, all of us except one kid. One kid put a little scowl on his face and muttered, "He got lucky, that's all. " Right. Another kid knocks out a spare. Sir Scowls-a-Lot says yet again, "That was an easy shot for me but he got really lucky." Oh goody, I see a pattern. This kids spends a large part of the hour w/ these comments. Surely his parent would have told him to zip it, except wait, his parents dropped him off at the 'no drop off' kids party. Later, we talked to Mini about it and all the things Mini overheard Scowlywag saying. We stressed the importance  of sportsmanship whether you are playing cards, playing CandyLand or playing baseball. Unsportsman-like conduct is pretty ugly on kids. Obviously it impacts grown people too.

JMac is an avid golfer. I have started playing with him and believe me, I have miles to go before I sleep. Golf is a fairly mean game in that it toys with you. You might hit the ball like a star one day, and you are all smiley and shaking hands with your partners as you mentally pat yourself on the back a little bit. However, often and quite easily for many people, the next time you play you are shanking them in the weeds and talking more foul-mouthed than Eminem. We are exposing MiniMac to as much golf as possible right now so he can build the fundamentals, learn the ettiquette and play the game. There is such an increase of young people, both boys and girls, playing golf now. It is a great game requiring a lot of technique and focus.

Because it is challenging game and one that is embracing more women and young people than ever, it is with salty dismay I relate the following story:

JMac played in a Pro-Am tournament yesterday with the Pro from our Club. At this tournament he learns about a recent Club Championship tournament at one of the other country clubs in Atlanta called Dunwoody Country Club. The Club Championship was held recently and won by a 14 year old boy. Obviously, this boy is talented. Apparently he has a brother a year or two older who is also a phenomenal golfer. How awesome. Good for you 14 year old golf star! That is INCREDIBLE.

Oh, wait. What happened? Members complained? Wait, what? Members complained that a 14 year old won because he should not be qualified to play in a Club Championship? Hold on, there's more? You belabored the issue SO much to whomever is running Dunwoody Country Club, those individuals not only listened to some serious whining but they then ALSO changed the rules so no one under age can even play in the tournament going forward. WOW.

This is what I like to call a little refresher in sportsmanship. Guess what grumpy old men, you got beat. You should definitely cry about it. You should cry and stomp your feet. And since your bitter, salty tears do not actually make you feel better, take it a step further. How? Take it up the chain, of course! Go show your dismay that someone so young beat you that clearly, he should not be allowed to play again. Definitely opt out of celebrating this boy's talent. Do NOT cheer him on and hope he remembers you one day when he plays the Masters and might have given you tickets. Oh, I am sure there is a loophole built in there somewhere so you can all feel good about yourselves. I am confident the purpose of a Championship tournament is to actually recognize and declare the best player at your  Club is the CHAMPION. Now, that kid is simply going to have to wait several years to come back to your tournament and beat you again. I am sure your red arse will sting for days. Refresh yourself on some lessons in sportmanship like applaud talent in others. Or be the bigger man. Or, if you don't want to get beat by a kid, try harder, practice more or don't play. I hope your pouty face snot nose didnt drip all over your golf shirt. PS: If that was our club, I would be embarrassed by not only the douchy members but that people with decision making ability actually moved your sorry agenda along.


Unknown said...

Great Reminder. I hope your game gets better and better. I can't get over someone dropping off their kid at a no drop off party. What in the world.

Anonymous said...

If a 19 year old can win the John Deere and get invited to The Open this week, those Old Balls need to get used to seeing the "youth movement." Good post!

brokenteepee said...

And this is the generation currently ruling this country. The generation of me me me. The generation of mine.

See Roman Empire, fall of.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Our first lessons in sportsmanship were also in the context of Candyland.

Slamdunk said...

Since moving North from the South awhile back, I choose to think of the South as not having any grumpy old men/boys. As such, I may have to rethink my vision.

Anyways--goodness, you'd think they would relish in a prodigy taking part and winning. In a few years, they may be able to claim: "and I knew him when he was a teen!"

Nyx said...

Oh fer crying out loud.

Maybe more viagra. Might lead to happier golfers.

Just sayin.