Monday, March 23, 2009

Whistle while Wii work

Last year, reading Time's list of best new gadgets, I mentioned to JohnnyMac that I was highly interested in the Wii Fit. And when my birthday came, a lovely Wii Fit was beribboned and waiting for all of my attention. And I was quickly enamored with it. I put my little white balance board down and donated the time. What a fascinating toy! It measures BMI, weight, balance, and gives options for yoga, aerobics, balance games, and strength exercises. It charts your time, your effort, your score, your center of gravity. A virtual trainer all in the front room, and displayed perfectly on our big screen.

And then I took a break from Wii Fit because Guitar Hero came along, and then Wii tennis, bowling, music, and the Beach Sports package. Oh the choices! Plus, the weather in Atlanta is often on the sunny side so I go outdoors for my exercise in the spring, summer and fall.

Well. I spied the lonely Wii Fit several days ago and literally had to give it some kisses from the swiffer duster. Once I booted it up, I was welcomed back by my little Mii character. And then it announced how many days it had been since my last visit. UGH. I would have guessed its been a spell, but Wii Fit is all about precision. So 250+ days? Wow, little Wii, I have ignored you much longer than I had planned. So I had 30 minutes to spare on a rare day when I was home alone in the house and I dialed up the Wii Fit and started with the hula hoop challenge. I was inspired...look at me go! As I was whipping those hips around I smirked that I could ignore the Wii Fit for so long and then reappear back in its life and master such exercises with ease. Then I did some about 200 crunches and some yoga and was pleased I had worked up a sweat AND had racked enough time to "unlock" other exercises.

And then Wii Fit said bye bye to me with its pleasant little bell tones. And when I went to bed I should have listened because Wii Fit was laughing behind my back. The next morning my stomach muscles were paralyzed. Damn hula hoop! Damn crunches. Goodness. I liken myself an athlete and maybe should have known Wii Fit, while monitoring my heart rate, effort, and time was also capturing that smirk of mine as well. Wii Fit had the last laugh. And Wii Fit is all about accuracy so when you are asked to give your all, Wii Fit allows for no corner cutting. And that isnt the point right? You are only cheating yourself.

HOWEVER never before have I had a magic circle on the screen measuring my center of gravity and posting it for me at the end. And while doing a plank pose, the Wii loudly let me know "your core is a little shaky. Visit me everyday so we can work on your balance." Thanks Wii Fit, the visual chart was not enough so your verbal update helps me really focus.

So now I show Wii Fit the respect it deserves and am so glad we are back together. And now, let me get back to mastering that hula hoop.

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