Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time to eat: Kumquat goodness

All of you who visit my blog know how much I love cooking and baking. Everyone loves good food and everyone loves people who talk about, make and also enjoy good food. With that I mind, I must share:

A friend of mine from law school posted something today about his wife's food blog: Kumquat. She focuses on the gluten-free lifestyle and her food pics are AMAZING. She also just published her first book called Fast & Simple Gluten Free. Huffington Post just listed her blog as one of the Top 10 Food Blogs of June. She is also gorgeous and married to a great guy. Yes, this girl is on fire.

So for all of you who love food, food blogs and would love some gluten-free options, go visit for some Kumquat goodness.

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Gretchen Brown said...

and my great guy has great friends! thanks so much for the kind words... so glad to find your blog too!