Sunday, July 8, 2012

Take A Bite Of: Artichoke Salsa

The only good thing about the last week in Atlanta where temperatures soared above 100 is that we have not been there. My travel schedule for work is a bit maniacal but this travel plan was pure gold.  JMac planned a surprise trip at Christmas for us to spend this week in the Virgin Islands. More on that to come. In the weeks prior to the trip, I was contemplating not only how nice it would be to spend a week in my swimsuit and what new delicious island cocktails I would sample. It also made me think of  lighter fare that is easy to serve poolside. I make a great deal of salsa in the spring and summer and I have been playing with my current faves. I absolutely love artichokes so why not mix that in? The final product is a light, flavorful salsa perfect for cooling you off while most of the US suffers from the heat wave. The jalapeno gives it a little kick and the lime juice gives it a little acidity and a little island flair.

I paired it with a super easy guacamole and there wasn't a bite left of either. From my kitchen to yours, enjoy every bite.

Artichoke Salsa: 

1 can artichoke hearts
1 jalapeno (more if you are all about the hot.)
1/2 cup packed cilantro
2 T fresh lime juice (I also keep Key West Lime Juice always on hand.)

Put all ingredients in food processor (or blender) and combine.  Pop into the fridge or cooler if you want a little chill on it. Enjoy!


Slamdunk said...

Christmas on an island?

I am jealous. Stay cool down there JennyMac.

TKW said...

This recipe is genius! I'm definitely going to try this...with a cocktail, of course!