Friday, January 29, 2010

I want to rock and roll all night and party everyday...

Why? Because we actually did celebrate my blog birthday last night which included me having a cocktail around 5 p.m. (which I don't do) and another right after (which I also don't normally do especially on a school night.) This evolved into dance party and well...I have a litany of meetings today but oh, celebrating is just so good.

And my Hub who is a detached member of this family's blog related antics brought gorgeous flowers and even more gorgeous wine home to celebrate. Now that is a partner in crime. Have I ever bought him a trinket to celebrate, say, being 4 under par? No. But I will reconsider going forward.

And one of my fantastic brothers rolls in tonight for a weekend of good fun. Ergo, I will be unplugged all weekend.

Thank you for all the fab blog love yesterday and good luck to all those entering the giveaway. And the primary reason I want to rock and roll all night, and party everyday? Besides the rare opportunity to quote KISS, it is because of yesterday's party and you all as the the best guests. 

If you have your party shoes on, go read yesterday's post and come to the fete.  Have a fantastic weekend. See you tomorrow.

PS: Blogger is having technical issues moderating comments. Or, Blogger just wants the Choo. I am receiving this error message: error message: bX-i877yt  problem: uri: /moderate-comments. Hopefully it is resolved soon.